What To Expect

Your first Ayurvedic Consultation will provide you with an introduction to Ayurveda and how this ancient wisdom can support your mind, body and spiritual health. A thorough review of your current state of health will be taken through one on one discussion and intake forms. We will work to identify your unique health goals and you will learn how Ayurveda can support you in reaching them. At the end of your first visit you will have a better understanding of your individual constitution and how your imbalance is causing or contributing to your health concerns. You will leave with recommendations which may include diet and lifestyle modifications, pranayama (breathwork), meditation and yoga which will specifically address the root of your health concerns. Your consultant will work with you on how to incorporate this plan into your life making these changes as attainable as possible.

During your follow up consultation we will look at the efficacy of the recommendations given during the initial consultation and modifications will be made as needed. We will use your initial consultation recommendations as a stepping stone and work together to develop a more detailed and comprehensive plan of care.

Initial Consultation (60-75min) $108*
Follow up appointment for program modifications (45 minutes) – $60*
*This includes email communication between appointments for questions/concerns.

Wellness Mama®

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Sharon Gordon Ayurvedic Specialist & Yoga Teacher

"Ayurveda is a medical science and its purpose is to heal and to maintain the quality and longevity of life." Dr. Vasant Lad, M.A.Sc.


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